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What does your floor do for you? Does it add visual interest to your decor, and stand up to kids, pets, and mess while providing a comfortable, beautiful base layer to your home? You may not think about your floor very much - but we do, and we know that your floor can and should do all of these things. Carpet Solutions offers all the best variety for your home and family to make the right flooring choices. Whether you’re looking to upgrade with new carpet, hardwood, laminate, or resilient vinyl, you can find it here. Read on to see how each of these four options could benefit your home and your life.


For some, carpet is the first consideration when replacing flooring in their home. The greatest benefits of carpet are obvious the moment you step onto it: it’s soft, warm, inviting, and easily turns any room into a cozier space. Carpet can help to insulate, holding warmth in a room even in a frigid winter. Think of stepping into a warm, plush carpet every morning when you leave your bed. With all the choices offered by Carpet Solutions, you can create any look you want while enjoying comfort and warmth. Carpet is both affordable and easily replaced, as well as an opportunity for a strong design statement in your home.
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Hardwood Flooring:

If your dream home exudes class and elegance, choosing a timeless hardwood flooring will not disappoint. You’d be hard-pressed to find a decorating style, color choice, or floor plan that isn’t complemented by the natural beauty of hardwood flooring, and, as hardwood rarely needs to be replaced, you can rest assured that most hardwood floors will pair well with an ever-changing decorating style. A high quality hardwood floor can last decades; oftentimes, damages can simply be removed by a process of sanding and refinishing the damaged area. As a natural material, hardwood is also a great choice for those looking to consider eco-friendly options. Some may choose hardwood for the benefits of not having to worry about dust, allergens, and stains as can often pose a problem with carpets. At the same time, hardwood can be the best of both worlds - you can always add a carpet rug to any hardwood floor room.
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Laminate Flooring:

For those looking to upgrade the look of their home without breaking the budget, Laminate flooring is a great option. Modern laminate in your home will have everyone wondering if it might actually be stone or hardwood. Carpet Solutions can offer a wide variety of color and pattern choices in a similar price range to carpeting. You even have the option of laminates that are beveled, distressed, or textured - making them even more difficult to distinguish from a more expensive material in look and feel. Laminate is multi-layered, and stands up well to daily wear and tear - it is easily cleaned and maintained. Some of our laminate flooring options can last 20+ years when properly cared for!
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Resilient Vinyl:

Resilient Vinyl is another excellent alternative to traditional hardwood and stone flooring. As the name implies, this flooring is, indeed, resilient: moisture resistant, easily cleaned, impervious to most stains, and even scratch resistant, this isn’t your grandmother’s vinyl flooring. The top layer of resilient is made to retain its shiny appearance from the time of installation, no waxing required. There are a variety of choices within the resilient vinyl category, some that don’t even require an adhesive or are made with virgin vinyl - both factors that make this choice more eco-friendly than ever before. Practical functionality and an effortlessly chic appearance make resilient vinyl an excellent choice for any room that sees a great deal of wear and tear.
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