Carpet Installation

Thinking About Installing Carpet? Here Are Some Things to Think About

If anyone knows the excitement and stress that replacing or choosing carpet can cause, it’s Carpet Solutions. When you’re ready to get your new flooring underway, we’re ready to help you every step of the way! Installing new carpet can do incredible things for your family and home. On this page, you’ll find information to help your new carpet process run smoothly from start to finish. 

Planning ahead before your carpet installation: 

Before we can install your new carpet, the old carpet has to go! You can choose whether you want to remove it yourself, or have our team remove it for you. To help limit the mess, it’s best to thoroughly vacuum the old carpet before removal. If you’re removing the old carpet yourself, it’s never a bad idea to vacuum or sweep the floor underneath the old carpet once it’s removed, before your new flooring is installed. 

Tack strips are wooden pieces studded with tacks that are used to stretch the carpet to the perfect size and hold it in place. Unless you’ve had significant water damage or they are very old, tack strips can usually be reused from one carpet to the next, so if you are removing the carpet yourself, you can leave the old tack strips and we will assess whether or not they can be reused.

Everything else (furniture, small items, etc.) will also need to be removed from the room(s) that are being re-carpeted. You can make arrangements for moving furniture, or our installers can help, but you’ll want to be sure that the installers have a clear path from the door to where the carpet will go - keep in mind they’ll be bringing the carpet and and any necessary padding into your home in large rolls. Anything fragile on the walls or hanging in the installation area, including curtains and plants, will need to be taken down prior to installation of your new flooring. If the area to be carpeted includes a closet space, don’t forget to remove items from the closet.
Just in case your new carpet is thicker than the current flooring, measure door clearances ahead of time. If necessary, arrange to have someone shave or saw off the amount of room you need at the bottom of the doors so the carpet is not damaged by dragging doors. We can also help you match the thickness of your current carpet to your new carpet.

Do your other remodeling first - if you are planning to paint or wallpaper, we recommend you do this before installing carpet, to ensure that the carpet is safe from spills and stains. You may need to do some paint touch ups post-installation, so keep some extra paint on hand.  If you have pets in your home, you may want to confine them to a separate room during the installation process, to keep them safe from tack strips and other installation tools.

During Installation:

Relax! Let us do the hard work and get ready to enjoy your beautiful new carpet. You might even take a moment to download this app to help you care for and protect your carpet. We’re so excited to be part of this process for you. Contact us today to talk about all the services we offer to help you begin working towards making your home a dream home! You can learn more about services we offer here, and you can find more details about our installation process here. 

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